Airborne Response’s “Drone as a Responder” (“DaaR”)SM program provides law enforcement, public safety, and other first responders with a turn-key solution for drone-based incident response and situation assessment.

Utilizing advanced, U.S. Government-approved, Blue-UAS drone technologies, the Airborne Response DaaR program features turn-key infrastructure system design including all required hardware and software, assistance in obtaining all necessary FAA approvals including Beyond Visual Line of Sight (“BVLOS”) wavier, pilot training and certification, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

  • Rapid Response Capability: DaaR harnesses U.S. Government-approved (Blue-UAS), self-contained, autonomous drone systems strategically positioned on rooftops or other locations around a town or city, enabling rapid deployment to incident locations while avoiding street-level congestion and traffic, greatly reducing response times.
  • A Turnkey, Cost Effective Force Multiplier: A turnkey, drone-based solution that can quickly arrive at the required location and capture and record real-time video enabling trained operators to assess the situation and share the updated information with any first responders before they arrive.
  • Situational Awareness While Maximizing Available Resources: DaaR’s advanced capabilities redefine emergency response dynamics by delivering improved situational awareness in near-real-time. This revolutionary approach facilitates optimal resource allocation, allowing for better decision-making and enhanced overall response effectiveness. Importantly, it provides the flexibility to cancel a response if the situation is resolved, significantly reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary personnel deployment.

Find out how we can help you cost-effectively elevate your emergency response and situational awareness utilizing drones.