Chief Pilot
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USAF Veteran and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Aircraft Commander with over 30 years of professional, low-altitude aviation operations and safety, including air rescue, public safety, and emergency operations.

Tom “Oaty” Oatmeyer possesses over 30 years of professional aviation operational and safety experience in highly complex, mission-critical, and dynamic flight operations across both domestic and international theaters.  He oversees the aviation safety and remote pilot certification programs for Airborne Response and contributes to the company’s software development and evaluation.

Mr. Oatmeyer has served as an Aircraft Commander and helicopter pilot for Miami Dade Fire Rescue for over 25 years where he supervises air crews and transports trauma patients during their “Golden Hour.”  He also served as a Rescue Helicopter Pilot for the U.S. Air Force Reserve for 21 years which included several overseas deployments during the U.S. War on Terror.  He is also credited with saving numerous lives by conducting helo-hoist operations in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He holds numerous FAA certifications including Flight Instructor – Helicopter, Flight Instructor Instrument – Helicopter, Airline Transport Pilot – Helicopter, Commercial Instrument Pilot – Airplane, Commercial Pilot – Airplane, and sUAS Remote Pilot.